Contact Center

Bitrix24 brings all your customer communication channels into a single dashboard called the Contact Center. Integrated with CRM, it lets you easily track all your customer interactions and collect actionable marketing data.
Contact center

Central hub for all your social media channels

Instead of having to switch between your business profiles on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, or other platforms, you get a single hub where you can easily monitor customer activity, reply to messages and comments, analyze data and collect stats.

Bitrix24.CRM + Instagram

This official integration allows you provide a native shopping experience to your customers while you can manage all the interactions (including payments) directly inside Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 + Facebook

Connect your Facebook profile to our Contact Center and reply to messages from your clients directly in Bitrix24 Messenger.

Bitrix24 + WhatsApp

Give your clients more options to connect with your business by enabling the WhatsApp widget on your website.





Facebook lead ads integration

Bitrix24.CRM + Instagram = More Sales

If you’re using Instagram to sell your products/services online, this integration will take your sales to a whole new level.

Official integration

Connect your Instagram profile with just a few clicks and start scaling your business across Instagram like you never could before.

Smooth shopping experience for your customers

Your customers can shop your products, make orders, and pay for them without leaving the app – all inside Instagram.

Smooth sales experience for you

Manage the whole sales process inside the Bitrix24 CRM: reply to DMs, share product images, and send payment links.

Live chat for your website

A live chat widget that can be placed on your website to provide instant support and customer service to your visitors. All the dialogs are saved in your CRM and, if it’s a returning customer, the system will recognize them.

Rules, routing, and conversation transfers

Use the default settings or create a custom set of rules to manage, route, and distribute customer chats among your team members.

Ratings by customers and supervisors

Every conversation can be rated by a customer and/or your team supervisor. The data is shown in the Contact Center.

Canned replies

Create a set of canned replies to be used to keep customers on hold when your customer support team is not available.

Advanced reports

Business hours


Callback option

Wait and display rules


Bitrix24 Telephony allows you to rent local phone numbers, create internal phone number extensions for your employees, set up call queuing and forwarding, and more.

Enhanced VoIP telephony solution

Bitrix24 telephony features call tracking, routing, forwarding, screening, transcription, recording, and so much more.

Integration with Bitrix24 CRM

Calls can be recorded and added to deals in CRM. Incoming calls are forwarded to a sales rep responsible for a particular lead.

Advanced telemarketing

You can run an automatic dialer, install a callback widget on your website, send callback requests, use voice broadcasts and SMS.

Make & receive calls 24/7

No additional equipment or software required

Cheaper than Skype or Zoom

Complete VBMA suite

IVR (Interactive voice response)

Social media + messengers

Connect all your business profiles on social media and messengers to the Contact Center to manage your customer communication channels easier and more efficiently.

Client communication

Connect your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. for quick and easy communication with clients.

Manage your social media profiles from Bitrix24

All your customer interactions are done, stored, and analyzed via a single dashboard.

Analytics and stats

Measure activity by channel, day/time, average response time, customer satisfaction, and peak load.

Instagram Business Integration

Apple Business Chat integration

Facebook Lead Ads integration

Web forms

Customer engagement tools

Email, SMS, and voice calls

The tried-and-true customer communication channels that are still highly popular are also included in your Bitrix24 Omnichannel Contact Center.

Classic helpdesk

Connect your mailboxes to Bitrix24 Contact Center in one click to receive and manage all your emails in one place.


Run SMS campaigns by easily sending promotional text messages to contacts from your customer base.

Voice calls

If you have office/cloud PBX or SIP-trunk, you can rent a SIP connector to make free phone calls and pay just for the outbound calls at your current rates.

SIP-connector for third-party integrations


Integration with Bitrix24.Tasks

Integration with Bitrix24.CRM

Automatic dialer

More than a communication platform, more like an online collaboration suite

Being a part of the Bitrix24 ecosystem, our employee communication tools are cross-integrated with the rest of Bitrix24, giving you a single platform for online collaboration, automation, and marketing.
  • Knowledge Base
  • Online Workspace
  • Calendar
  • Team Time Management
  • Marketing
  • Drive
  • Videoconferencing
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Telephony
  • Robotic Process Automation

Instead of dozens of processes, activities, and document flows often happening randomly and chaotically, you will get a single, streamlined process - done from start to finish in the Bitrix24 software