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The trust we have placed in this platform has been fundamental in revolutionizing the way we manage our business.

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How has Bitrix24 transformed collaboration at GuruX?

Since we implemented Bitrix24 in our company, we have experienced a true transformation in the way we work. Efficient collaboration has become the norm, thanks to chat and video calling features, online meetings, and shared calendars. Our team is more connected and productive than ever.
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How has Bitrix24 CRM revolutionized customer relationship management at GuruX?

Bitrix24's powerful CRM has revolutionized our customer relationship management. We can now manage leads, deals, and contacts efficiently, while creating custom quotes and invoices with ease. Sales automation and sales intelligence tools have given us a significant competitive advantage.

How Bitrix24 has improved task and project management in GuruX

Task and project management has become more fluid and organized. With the Gantt chart and the Kanban method, we have a clear view of our projects and can accurately track the time spent on each task. Predefined templates and task automation have saved us valuable time and resources.

How has GuruX benefited from the integration between its website and sales and customer management in Bitrix24?

The creation of our website and online store with Bitrix24 has been a real success. The intuitive builder has allowed us to design a stunning and fully personalized site. The integration with the CRM has made sales and customer management easier, and we have captured leads with attractive web forms and widgets.

How has Bitrix24 optimized human resource management at GuruX?

Human resource management has also become more efficient thanks to Bitrix24's dedicated tools. Maintaining an up-to-date employee directory, managing leave requests, and automating workflows has simplified our internal operations. The centralized knowledge base has facilitated knowledge transfer among team members.

Bitrix24 has been instrumental in driving GuruX’s growth. The platform is used and loved by over 12,000,000 users around the world, and we are proud to be part of this community.

If you are looking to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to choose Bitrix24 as your one-stop solution for business success.

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With Bitrix24, GuruX experienced unprecedented growth.

We recommend their platform to take your business to the next level and achieve the business success you long for.