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How to Modify a Contact in Bitrix24 with Automation: Step-by-Step Guide

In the digital era, efficient contact management within CRM platforms is crucial for any business. Bitrix24, being one of the most powerful tools in this realm, offers multiple automation possibilities to streamline internal processes. In this post, we’ll delve into how a simple automation can solve a common problem and significantly enhance contact management.

The Problem to Solve

Imagine having a user saved in Bitrix24, but when contacting through different channels like web forms, WhatsApp, or phone calls, the system fails to identify them as the same user due to the lack of a prefix in their phone number. This disconnect results in the creation of multiple leads or contacts for the same person, complicating customer relationship management.

The Solution: Bitrix24 Automation

The automation we propose solves this problem by ensuring that all contact phone numbers have the correct prefix, thus facilitating their unified identification in the platform. Below, we guide you step by step through the setup process for this automation:

  1. Accessing Automations: Within Bitrix24, navigate to the CRM section and select “Automations.” This is where we’ll add the new automation.
  2. Automation Setup: When creating a new automation, the first step is to define the condition that will trigger the automation. In this case, the condition is detecting a phone number without the appropriate prefix.
  3. Contact Modification: The primary action of this automation is contact modification. Specifically, the necessary prefix will be added to the phone number. This is done using a specific pattern that identifies the correct prefix and adds it to the existing number.
  4. Parallel Execution: It’s recommended to configure the automation to run in parallel with other actions. This ensures there are no delays in contact updates, even if multiple automations are active.
  5. Automation Testing: Finally, it’s essential to test the automation with an existing contact to verify that the phone number updates correctly.


Implementing this automation in Bitrix24 not only resolves the issue of contact identification across different channels but also optimizes customer relationship management. Now, whenever a contact interacts with your business, whether through a web form, WhatsApp, or a phone call, Bitrix24 can correctly identify them thanks to the prefix added to their phone number.

This type of automation showcases the flexibility and power of Bitrix24 to adapt to the specific needs of each business, ensuring efficient and automated contact management. We hope this guide has been helpful and encourages you to explore more ways to optimize your internal processes with Bitrix24.

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