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Google will penalize websites for not having responsive design

Google will penalize the positioning of websites without responsive design (web design technique that prioritizes the correct display of the same page on different devices, computers, tablets or mobile phones. Google indicated that the search engine was going to notify mobile users, the pages that were optimized for screens of any mobile device. He warned that he would do so by contemplating a “mobile” tag below the links of the pages displayed in the search results. This means an imminent change in the search engine algorithm. The giant already not only will it indicate with a label if the sites are optimized for mobile devices, but also that they will enjoy a better position in search results.

What is mobile optimization?

When you do a search on the mobile phone, links to web pages appear, in which you will click on one of them and it turns out that you cannot access the site correctly because the font is very small, the images cannot be seen, or for more that you try to access the information is impossible, cases like these usually happen because that website is not optimized for mobile devices. This type of situation is what Google wants to eliminate and therefore improve the quality of searches for users and improve the experience with any mobile device. The change will be applied from April 21 worldwide, the optimization includes all types of web pages, including corporate sites, online stores and major platforms. What can be done so that Google does not remove my page from its search engine? If you want your page to continue appearing in the Google search engine, our advice is if it is possible to add the functionality to the site, if not, the best thing to do is to redesign the site and be able to continue appearing in one of the most important search engines, For a free advice you can contact us and we will gladly assist you.