Guru X

Improve your customer service and generate more sales with proper management of your social networks

Having poorly managed accounts is worse than having no accounts. Many business owners have opened profiles on social networks because someone told them it was necessary, what they may not have considered is that you have to be take care to them, make posts, answer quickly when contacted, otherwise it generates a bad user experience to your customers.

Follow these tips on what to do and not to do and your customers will surely be very happy and will continue buying your products/services in the future:

  • Recent posts
  • Updated information and schedules
  • Coherent design with branding
  • Quick and professional answer
  • Your prices are clear
  • There is stock of published products
  • Clear delivery times
  • There are no recent posts
  • The schedule does not show
  • There are automatic responses
  • You only give prices by inbox
  • Photos from past seasons
  • There is not good attention to customers
  • You take to long to answer

Leave the social networks in hands of service specialists.’s focus is to serve its clients promptly and effectively. Our mission is to keep your current customers informed and happy, while offering the same value to new users and potential customers.