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Online Store Development

All of our websites and online stores are built to your specific requirements. Our web gurus will build a stunning website to help establish your company online and our website maintenance plans and hosting will make sure your site is always stable and available when your clients need it.

Accept online payments

Accept credit/debit card payments at your preferred bank! The process of choosing the best bank or payment method to work with is difficult, our service includes the necessary support and integration to help you make the best decision and activate this service.

Custom platforms

We build websites with custom management features for every type of business. We have vast experience and can create any type of custom website, in the past we’ve built custom solutions for the following industries:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Real Estate
  • Private Money Equity Firms
  • Auto Dealers
  • Online News Portals
  • Online Stores
  • Online Booking
  • Construction Companies
  • Schools or Institutes
  • Online Video Portals
  • Gyms / Personal Trainers

How much does an online store cost?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get when people contact us about building an online store and unfortionately we don’t have a simple answer that applies for every project since every online store we build is customized to the exact requirements and personal taste of our clients. However to give you an overall idea we put together the following price chart to give you an idea. Contact us to speak to a GuruX and get a custom quote for your project.

$ 1,900 STARTING AT $1,900
Unlimited Products
Accept Credit Cards*
Delivery 6 to 9 weeks
Contact Form
Mobile / Responsive
3 Months free hosting
$ 3,500 STARTING AT $3,500
Unlimited Products
Accept Credit Cards*
Delivery varies by project
Contact Form
Mobile / Responsive
3 Months free hosting
$ 9,900 STARTING AT $9,900
Unlimited Products
Accept Credit Cards*
Delivery varies by project
Contact Form
Mobile / Responsive
3 Months free hosting

*Payment gateways implementation
Your online store will be compatible with several payment methods but its activation will depend on receiving approval from each of the providers and paying any expenses that they require. Including Paypal, Banco Nacional (Verified by visa), Pagadito, Bank Transfers/Sinpe Móvil (instructions on how to report the payment are generated), withdrawal in store and payment on delivery

We develop according to your preferences and technical needs

To work in the most efficient way, we prefer to work on the basis of recognized systems such as Joomla or WordPress, but if by preference or special requirements we can make your site totally personalized. Talk to a GuruX without obligation to see which is the most suitable option for your project.

Custom integrations

As eCommerce customers, fans of process optimization, we know how important it is for a user to know that the inventory is up to date and for the store to be able to do it efficiently. That’s why we’ve developed some options to streamline and automate the process.

Would you like to know more about our eCommerce development services?
To discuss your website requirements with one of our eCommerce GuruX please contact us.

eEcommerce projects from our portfolio

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We’re committed to our customers and we always work hard to build a mutually beneficial relationship. You can count on us for any future changes or questions.

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Over 12 years building high quality websites for clients all over the world, our multi-disciplined team will make your project stick out from the rest.

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We are focused on bringing you value, ensuring you always receive the highest quality for your budget.